Services and Rates

I offer two main services: editing and self-publishing management. Occasionally, when requested, I also offer consulting. Turnaround times depend on my current work schedule as well as on the quality and needs of each project. I edit all manuscripts according to Chicago Manual of Style and/or to the author or publisher’s preferred style guide. I safeguard the privacy of each author.

Copyediting: $0.02–$0.035/word
Includes crafting of sentence structure and word choice for consistency, clarity, and a smooth read. Involves correcting errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation as well as removing repetition, eliminating excess verbiage, smoothing flow and transition, refining ambiguities, reducing colloquialisms, etc. Also includes fact-checking, cross-checking citations and references, and formatting for consistency.

Substantive Editing: $0.035–$0.05/word
Includes extensive restructuring of sentence structure, grammar, and content. Also includes deleting, reorganizing and rearranging, rewording, rephrasing, polishing and analyzing for style, and addressing audience appropriateness, theme, argument, etc.

Rewriting: $0.05–$0.06/word
Similar to substantive editing but requires more intensive reorganization, usually of rough text such as a message or sermon transcript. Includes shaping of sentence structure, grammar, and content as well as deleting, restructuring, rewording, rephrasing, and polishing with the goal of drawing out and highlighting the author’s message and voice.

Developmental Editing: $0.07–$0.08/word
Essentially an advanced form of substantive editing, includes working with the author from the idea or outline stage to help develop the manuscript, advising on organization of material and format, and possibly suggesting supplemental material such as appendices, graphics, photos, or charts. Does not necessarily include proofreading or copyediting.

Collaborative Writing: $10,000–$20,000/project
Working from an outline, transcript, or rough sketch, involves drafting and/or editing a manuscript to varying degrees on the author’s behalf. Includes research as well as development, writing, organizing, editing, and fine-tuning of a manuscript.

Self-Publishing Management: $500–$1,000/project
Involves managing the self-publishing process of a fully edited manuscript from start to finish. Includes arranging for a proofreader, cover and interior designer, e-book designer, and printer, as well as managing all communications and processes with them, to ensure a professional-quality self-published product. Also includes upload to Amazon (through KDP). Examples of books I’ve helped authors self-publish are available on the “Self-Pub Projects” page.

Editorial Consulting: $50/hour (one-hour minimum)