About GladBooks

deskGladBooks is owned and operated by Rebecca Lawson, an independent freelance editor and self-publisher. I offer two main services: editing and self-publishing management. A third service I offer that often accompanies the first two is consulting.

Editing includes copyediting, substantive editing, rewriting, or collaborative writing. My primary focus is Christian non-fiction—spiritual growth, Christian living, biography and memoir, devotional, commentary, and Bible study. Among my favorite topics are church history and revival. I generally edit books, although occasionally I take on articles, blog posts, and other material.

Self-publishing management includes helping authors self-publish their books from start to finish. I oversee the process of proofreading, design (cover, interior, and e-book), printing, and Amazon upload. I partner with outstanding, experienced proofreaders and designers to ensure industry-standard published products.

As needed, I also offer consultation to help authors understand and determine their editing needs, publishing options, and marketing choices and find answers to other publishing-related questions.

I work for Christian publishing houses, ministries, and individuals. I particularly enjoy working with pastors and ministry leaders, and I also enjoy helping first-time authors discover their voices and navigate the world of publishing. Feel free to contact me with questions! I’d love to hear from you.

About Me

Becky E4I love books. Great stories, biographies, classics, and devotionals have made me hungry for truth and helped shape my faith over the years.

In my early twenties I pulled Jim Elliot’s life story, Shadow of the Almighty, off my dad’s bookshelf. Jim’s hunger for God challenged me to seek the Lord more seriously than I had done up to that point, and as I did, I discovered a gladness I had not experienced before—hence the name GladBooks. Since then the writings of Elisabeth Elliot, Oswald Chambers, Patricia St. John, Andrew Murray, Corrie ten Boom, Martyn Lloyd-Jones, and many others have influenced me in a big way.

After ten years as an elementary school teacher, I transitioned into the field of book publishing. For several years I was associate book editor at CLC Publications near Philadelphia. Later I worked for Gospel Light Publishers in Southern California, where I helped write and edit children’s Sunday school curriculum. In 2011 I launched GladBooks Editorial Services.

Over the years I have been privileged to edit books by a number of pastors and leaders, among them Warren Wiersbe, Ray Comfort, Stuart and Jill Briscoe, Carter Conlon of Times Square Church, Brian Brodersen of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, Wendy Griffith of The 700 Club, and Tom Elliff of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Mission Board. I have also enjoyed editing for a number of first-time authors and helping them walk through the publishing process.

Living the Christ LifeI have written two study guides—one for Watchman Nee’s Sit, Walk, Stand and the other for Michael Catt’s Fireproof Your Life—and in 2009 I compiled and edited Living the Christ Life, a one-year daily devotional of excerpts from classic authors such as Corrie ten Boom, Andrew Murray, and Amy Carmichael. These books are available at CLC Publications, Kingsley Press, or Amazon.