Submission and Payment

When querying regarding an editing job, please contact me with basic information about your project (genre, audience, etc.), what kind of editing you would like (if you know), and a general timeline in which you hope to have your project finished. Please also attach a sample of your project, or your entire manuscript, in a Word document.

I will evaluate your project’s needs and communicate with you as to what kind of editing I think the project most needs, how long it should take, and what my current schedule looks like. I will also give you a rough estimate of editing costs.

Once we agree to move forward on a project, I will email you a contract; then, upon receipt of your signed contract, I will email you an invoice. For individual authors, I generally require half the payment up front and the other half at the project’s completion. For a large project, I may require one third of the payment up front, one third partway through the project, and one third at the project’s completion. If need dictates, payments can be arranged differently from these two options.

I receive payment by check, Zelle, Venmo, or PayPal (payments made through PayPal are charged an additional 3 percent to cover fees).