Being Glad

If you had to describe yourself, what are some of the words you would use? Would glad be one of them?

I have not always been a glad person. So many times over the years I have been ambushed by anxiety, fear, guilt and other negative emotions, and I’ve given them more room in my life than I should have. But God is so patient with us poor worried people! It took me a while, but I came to a point in my life at which I finally began to realize that God in His love had covered every need I had or would ever have. I didn’t need to hold onto guilt, because I had asked God to forgive my sin, and He had done so. I didn’t need to be anxious or fearful, because God loved me and had promised to take care of me. Besides that, He told us not to worry about things! Simply recognizing that is a great simplifier.

So although life on this earth is not easy or perfect or everything that I would desire, and although my thoughts too easily gravitate toward things that I’m concerned about, I’m on a day-by-day journey of learning to be glad in the Lord and to leave my cares in His hands. Care to join me?

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